Glacier Kayaking in Iceland: A Life Changing Experience

On our kayaking trip with IceGuide, Daniel and I got to paddle past glaciers and icebergs, walk on them, physically stand on them and push them apart, and marvel at their beauty up close and personal.

Had I known this from the start, I would have never thrown the fit that I did right before I decided “f**** it” and booked it the night before we went.

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Iceland Packing List: Everything You’ll Need


Going on a trip to Iceland definitely requires a great deal of preparation. Even if you are from a rainy and windy place, nothing compares to the wind and rain in Iceland. We’re glad that coming out of the trip we can say that we were very well prepared for all of the elements we met. Here’s a list of the important items we packed (or wished we packed):

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Iceland in a Campervan: What it’s Really Like


Renting some sort of a vehicle for our Iceland trip felt like a no-brainer. Public transportation doesn’t really exist outside of Reykjavik (the main hub) and we weren’t interested in the tour bus route. We really loved our decision to rent a campervan and wouldn’t have done it any other way (hashtag no ragrets).

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