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I Love You Despite

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel up to Northern Arizona with eight rowdy high school girls so that they could hear the greatest love story ever told. My roommate dropped me off at our departure location and I was oddly distraught, playing back in my mind all of the things I should have packed, hoping that none of it was forgotten. For the record, I didn’t forget anything and was heavily over prepared (literally).

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“That Jesus Guy” Moment

Today I was driving along and saw that a gas station was selling gas for quite the steal, so I pulled out my wallet filled with a whole $13 and got my old girl Rhonda some gas. What happened next was the moment that everyone’s mom warned them about: the moment in which you place an important object on top of your car, forget about it and drive off. This time, the important item happened to be my wallet. It is a little pouch filled with all my personal items–including but not limited to my license, my Starbucks card, my craft store VIP membership cards and of course my debit card.

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