Hey, you! I’m really glad you stopped by. This blog is pretty much what the inside of my head looks like: its all over the place. If you’re into travel stories, DIY adventures, and some thought provoking words, I think you’re in the right place.

Who even am I? I’m a senior at the University of Arizona pursuing my undergrad in English Literature, minoring in Linguistics. Pretty much I read books + poetry all day, and read articles + talk about the many ways humans process and interact with language from birth to death. *nerd alert* I really love what I study, it’s so much fun.

For work I am a content writer for a business in town and for fun I am a YoungLife leader. If I’m not studying, working, or hangin at Younglife, I’m probably riding my bike, journaling, making something with my hands, drinking La Croix, or watching trash reality TV (let’s be honest…I’m probably watching trash reality TV as you read this).

Again, I’m so thankful you’re here and might be curious about the contents of my brain. If you wanna chat + grab coffee I’m definitely going to say NO because I don’t like coffee, and doesn’t everyone do that these days? Let’s be fun and get ice cream? Burritos? Let’s ride bikes? I’ll let you beat me at tennis?

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