Why the Ring Road is a MUST in Iceland

The Ring Road in Iceland is a road that goes all the way around the perimeter of the country, hitting many of its most famous spots + more. It seemed a bit ambitious to plan to drive the whole road, but knowing how small the country is and how determined we were, we knew we could tackle it.

On our longest driving day we drove around 4 hours straight. The rest of the days we drove for under 3 hours and it was easily done due to how beautiful each and every square inch was. I snapped over 500 photos in those 9 days — might sound like a lot, might sound like a little for some… but it’s definitely a lot for me. 

The main reason we believe the Ring Road is a must is because you will get to see so much more. We knew Iceland was beautiful, but we didn’t know HOW beautiful until we got to the most untouched parts. There were so many hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered – it was incredible.

In the more popular regions (the southern parts) it wasn’t uncommon to wait around for a parking spot for ages at a waterfall. Sometimes you’d even have to pay for parking at these monuments! It felts so crazy to go through all of this just for a photo where there would be tons of other people there, allowing you no chance of getting a photo without them posing in the background.

The beauty of tourism, huh? We never, ever had this problem in other parts of Iceland. Though  we would still see people, it felt much more isolated. The people that we met were the same types of travelers as us, which made it so easy to have awesome conversations + get recommendations when we pulled over to camp.

Overall, the Ring Road is a MUST if you want to have a unique traveling experience. There is so much more to Iceland than Reykjavik and the Golden Circle. Make the trip really worth your while and see all that Iceland has to offer us silly travelers!

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