“That Jesus Guy” Moment

Today I was driving along and saw that a gas station was selling gas for quite the steal, so I pulled out my wallet filled with a whole $13 and got my old girl Rhonda some gas. What happened next was the moment that everyone’s mom warned them about: the moment in which you place an important object on top of your car, forget about it and drive off. This time, the important item happened to be my wallet. It is a little pouch filled with all my personal items–including but not limited to my license, my Starbucks card, my craft store VIP membership cards and of course my debit card.

Upon arriving home I realized my wallet was missing and my mind instantly flashed back to the moment I placed it on top of Rhonda. I frantically texted my dad a message in all capital letters, totally losing my marbles, and set off to retrace my steps in order to find this wallet of mine. The car ride was an adventure unto itself as I tuned my radio to KLOVE (aka the Jesus tunez station) and sang as loud as I possibly could. I couldn’t search alone, I had to invite my bestie Jesus. It was probably a sightly scene for all who witnessed. After driving down a couple of streets at 15 miles per hour I spotted it, imagine the joy! Needless to say I hugged this pouch of important cards the whole way home and have vowed to NEVER put anything on top of my car again.

Okay so where am I going with this? Well this was definitely a Jesus moment for me. My wallet could have been picked up by anyone walking by, but it wasn’t. Someone could have easily charged my card on thousands of Amazon purchases and my identity rudely swept away–but neither of those things happened. Instead, with the help of my fav guy Jesus and KLOVE’s awesome music, my wallet is hanging out safely on my counter top as we speak.

That was a Jesus moment. It was a moment in which a miracle happened, no matter how small. Every good and perfect gift comes from above (James 1:17). Jesus didn’t come only so the blind could see and the lame could walk, he also came to help silly college gals like me find my wallet. He came to be our guide, the one in whom we find refuge. I don’t know about you, but I think that is pretty incredible. Keep that in mind next time you find yourself in a silly problem that seems too meaningless for Jesus to help us fix.

Warm hugs,


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